The Table

Well hello there! Welcome to elevenses, the blog and online scrapbook of a family who loves food, the pursuit of health, culture, and each other.

As anyone who has written anything knows very well, the question of where to start is a tricky one. A few good hours were spent at the dinner table hunched over notebooks and MacBooks racking our brains about what exactly we want to grace the first page of the family project, and we have the butt grooves in our chairs to show for it. In the end, the most important first question to answer we decided was: who are we?

Of course the Tolkien nerds amongst us knew that the question “Tell me, who are you, alone, yourself and nameless?” was an unanswerable one, so we decided to ask each other some questions about who we are in relation to the family, what we want from this project, and what we’re going to be giving to it.

Welcome aboard.