Who I am in the family:

I’m the twenty-year-old youngest child of my family, studying in the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting Program and performing weekly as an improviser at Rapid Fire Theatre – I am also the chief soup-balancer, meat roaster, and resident coffee snob.

Why elevenses:

Because I love food, family and rest – and I’m loving the health I’ve found, supporting me as a theatre student and a young actor. While taking care of the food I eat, how I gather it, how I prepare it and who I share it with, I’m finding out what “health” means in a broader context.

I also have a need to figure out my family history on both sides through the only way I feel I can connect with them – through food. I want to know what they eat, how they used to cook, and how it relates to their culture so I can ground myself now as a twenty something Canadian university student.

What I want to bring to elevenses?

I want to bring the idea of performance to elevenses – the tangible results of realistically taking care of yourself, the food you eat, who you share it with, etc… I am constantly and desperately trying to find a way to get through 12 to 16 hour days – without compromising delicious food, sleep, or my immune system.

I also want to bring in the ideas of what my theatre school and training in improvisational theatre is teaching me, and how it relates to social and personal health. I’ve found that there are some super interesting overlapping with that dimension of health and the realm of health brought on by food. (Like exploring body-mind centering, vocal pedagogy, theatrical movements reacting to the zeitgeist, and much more)

My dream elevenses project:

I want to find seasonal and local nutrient dense foods that are easy and fun to gather and prepare, to create a family cookbook acknowledging what my Woodland Cree and Jewish ancestors traditionally ate – and also tweaking those recipes to a twenty first century context.